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# API for Vật Giá Framework [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/harrydeluxe/php-liquid.svg?branch=develop)](https://travis-ci.org/harrydeluxe/php-liquid)
Vật Giá Framework API là class giúp xây dựng hệ thống APi từ core Vật Giá Framework:
* Hỗ trợ wrapper giúp biến tất cả repository trong app thành API
## Installing
Config composer repositories from vatgia private repositories
"repositories": {
"type": "vcs",
"url": "ssh://git@gitlab.hoidap.vn:2012/vatgia/api.git"
Then, you can install this lib via [composer](https://getcomposer.org/):
composer require vatgia/api
"require": {
"vatgia/api": "dev-master"
Copy config file ```vendor/vatgia/api/config/api.php``` to directory ```config```
Add config to .env file.
- true: Enable mode to make all repositories in app to api
- false: Disable mode to make all repositories in app to api
Register api service provider in ```config/app.php```
'providers' => [
Or Create controller file ```public/pages/api.php``` with code:
$controller = new \VatGia\Api\AppRepositoryController();
echo $controller->process();
And write htaccess point to ```public/pages/api.php```
## Create your Controller
Create Controller extends \VatGia\Api\AppRepositoryController
namespace AppView\Controllers;
use VatGia\Api\AppRepositoryController;
class AppApiController extends AppRepositoryController
public function process()
## Your code
## Create api
Create Controller
namespace AppView\Controllers\Api;
use VatGia\Api\ApiController;
class PostDetailController extends ApiController
public function get($id)
## Your code
$detail = model('posts/detail')->load(['id' => (int)$id]);
return $detail['vars'];
Create route in file ```appview/routes.php```
app('route')->get('api/posts/{id:\d+}', [\AppView\Controllers\Api\PostDetailController::class, 'process']);
And you can visit this api
HTTP GET http://framework.vatgia.com/api/posts/123
## Requirements
* PHP 5.6+
* vatgia/framework
## Issues
Have a bug? Please create an issue here on gitlab!
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